Thursday, 6 November 2014

Patchwork Doll's Quilt and Pillow Set

Dear Friends,

Moving house has involved 2 interim stays, meaning no sewing has been taking place for over 2 weeks. I feel the void! It will be another 2 weeks before we reach our final destination and the sewing can begin again.

I wanted to share something I made just before all my beloved fabrics and sewing machine were packed away in storage.

This was a custom order for my signature fabric basket with pockets all round for a little girl to place in her dollhouse. The request included a matching pillow and quilt for the doll.

I used pastel fabrics with a modern country cottage feel that would appeal to a young child.

The interior fabric is a tiny floral pink on cream that is often found in doll's clothing.
 This is the front pocket

and the back pocket

 I used the same fabrics in a simple strip patchwork pattern for the quilt and pillow
 The reverse matches the interior of the basket, giving a second look option.
 I decided not to quilt any pattern on the quilt because it is small, a bit bigger than A4, and I liked the clean lines. I used a double fusible wadding so the sandwich is well attached and finished it by stitching all round the edge for a faux pipping effect,

The doll's quilt and pillow fit nicely in the basket

I hope there is a happy child and doll out there enjoying these.

Happy Friday!

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