Hello and welcome to Handmade by Eva Rose, a blog about sewing.

I am a 30 something Greek currently living in the UK.

My earliest memories contain a lot of blue and green.

Naxos Beach

Olive Tree

I grew up in Athens
 a very busy and loud place.

I am now enjoying the beautiful countryside of England, which has been a great inspiration for many of my designs.

Hadrians Wall

Whitley Bay Lighthouse
Whitley Bay Lighthouse

Handmade By Eva Rose is a blog about sewing cute and useful everyday items for a happier living. It was started by me, Eva, in September 2013 as a litle escape from working life into the exciting world of creativity and colour textiles.

I worry about the future of the planet and invest in handcrafted quality that will stand the test of time.

 Everything I make in this blog is of my own design and items are available to buy or order in my Esty Shop. I love to connect with other crafters, talk about fabrics, patterns, techiniques, anything to do with sewing and cute animals. 

Feedback is like gold dust to me- don't hold back. If you like or hate something I would love to hear your views and ideas

 Thank you for visiting and please leave your comments to start a conversation.


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