Sunday 21 September 2014

Jolly Farm, Fox and Apple

This week under severe restrain I only bought one fabric to add to my stash.

The Trees from Jolly Farm- Henley Studio, Makeower UK

I love everything about this- the colours, the detail, the birds.

The blue is lovely too, maybe next week...

I added a little red apple to the front

I love the bright red dots. The stalk gets lost a bit in the other green but I did not have any solid green to match.

I also have been designing some new foxes.

 Something to go with this Boy Fox

Here is a girl fox

The bow is removable and she loves roses and has a button nose.

This basket has longer handles for one hand operation.

And a jumping Fox

 I have missed working with felt- this shade is called acorn and is so soft to touch.

I used plain stitching instead of the usual zig-zag satin stitch, and chose a bright orange. 

Last year I loved making the Fox Autumn Leaves Purse but it took 2-3 hours to make.

I still love the idea of fabric photos though and creating a pretty scene.

This is work in progress
The fox is talking to her friend the bird. I wanted a blue bird, like the singing Disney birds and a big dotty mushroom! The fox leg was very tricky, I drew it about 6 different ways before settling on this version that I could actually sew.

So it has been very busy here! How was your weekend?


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